The practical course distribution procedure, also called BLOPP, is a centralized distribution method, which offers master students of biology, biotechnology and ecotoxicology to apply for most of the practical courses within their study program.

BLOPP procedure:

BLOPP is a simple and transparent procedure which can be done via internet. First of all the students have to register for BLOPP in order to get an account secured by a self-chosen password. After the registration the application for the practical courses is possible.

After registration and application, lists for each practical course are generated, listing the students according to the semester, priority and, when indicated, bonus points. These lists provide informations for the students and for the professors. The final distribution then is done at a fixed date where all students have to be phyically present.

Further information regarding the procedure and the offered prafctical courses, as well as the registration homepage can be found on the BLOPP homepage.