Dr. oec., Universitätsprofessorin

Julia Christine Bendul


Julia Christine Bendul
Chair of Management for Industry 4.0


Room: 141

Kackertstr. 7

52072 Aachen


Phone: +49 241 80 90962


Julia Bendul studied business administration and engineering, majoring in production technology and process engineering, at the Universities of Bremen and Tokyo. She gained her doctoral degree – which focused on business innovation for the integration of intermodal transportation into supply chains – from the University of St. Gallen in 2011. Following her degree, she became a consultant on operational excellence and lean management with Porsche Consulting. In 2013 Julia Bendul was appointed Professor of Optimization of Networks in Production and Logistics by the Jacobs University in Bremen. Since August 2017, she has headed the Chair of Management for Industry 4.0 at RWTH Aachen University. Her main research focuses are the design and implementation of production planning systems and production control systems as well as supply chain operations in developing countries.

Research Interests

Julia Bendul’s research activities are highly practice-oriented and interdisciplinary in nature, as reflected on the one hand in active and close collaboration projects with numerous industrial and logistics concerns, such as Daimler AG, Volkswagen AG, Porsche AG, REHAU, ThyssenKrupp Steel Europe, and on the other hand with international scholars from the disciplines of mathematics, physics, biology, computer science, and psychology.

  • Management and implementation of digitization projects and digital processes
  • Digital supply chain management
  • Development and implementation of IT systems , with a specific focus on production planning and production control
  • Elaboration of methodologies for the development of efficiency potentials through digitization and automation
  • Sustainable production management and supply chain management, particularly actor integration in developing countries

Selected Publications

  • Blunck, H.; Armbruster, D.; Bendul, J. (2017): Setting production capacities for production agents making selfish routing decisions. In: International Journal of Computer Integrated Manufacturing, 2017, in press.
  • Duffie, N.; Bendul, J.; Knollmann, M. (2017): An analytical approach for improving due-date and lead-time dynamics in production systems. In: International Journal of Manufacturing Systems, in press.
  • Erfurth, T.; Bendul, J. (2017): Transportation Time and Reliability in Intermodal Transport Chains. In: International Journal of Transportation Economics, XLIV(2), in press.
  • Rosca, E.; Bendul, J.; Reedy, J. (2017): Does frugal innovation enable sustainable development?
    A systematic literature review. In: European Journal for Development Research, in press.
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