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WAD - Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten Digital

The interdisciplinary eLearning project "Scientific Work Digital" (German: Wissenschaftliches Arbeiten Digital; short: WAD) was founded in the summer semester of 2017 at the Research Unit for Economic and Social History and History of Technology of the RWTH Aachen University.

The need to consolidate the level of knowledge of all students in the field of scientific work and thus to constantly optimise scientific quality assurance becomes apparent in view of the increased number of cases of scientific misconduct that have become public knowledge. The learning objective of the eLearning project is therefore to create an appropriate basis for students' understanding and handling of scientific work. The WAD project aims to combine the classical teaching unit with a digital concept as an innovative further development of the familiar teaching concepts, without foregoing continuous didactic support by academic staff. The WAD project should be explicitly usable across all academic levels and can be supplemented with specialist or teacher-specific content at any time. All employees of the Faculty of Business and Economics are invited to participate in the project and to use the contents.

Completion of the project is scheduled for March 2019.



Working on this project: Lena Knops, M.A.

Support on this project: Tobias Dewes, M.A.

Start: 04/2017

Status: current