Academic Advising


Academic Advising of the Research Unit for Economics and Social History and History of Technology

Please contact only one of the academic advisors. If your request is not in the contacted person's field of responsibility, it will be forwarded internally to the academic advisor in charge.


Sections of the Academic Advising

Questions about Certain Classes

If you have any questions regarding particular courses please contact the respective academic advisor. For more informations about the consultation-hours please see the contactlist.

For general information please also see classes in the CAMPUS system.

Departmental Academic Advising

For general questions please ask the departmental advisor of your degree program.

If you have specific questions about the Research Unit for Eeconomics and Social History and History of Technologies classes, modules and examinations please ask Florian Wöltering M.A.

Study and Examination Matters

You will get obligatory answers from the employees of your faculty, your personal consultant in the Central Examination Office and the respective examination board for your degree program. For more information please see Faculties.