Registration for Examinations


General Information on Registration Procedures

Basically the obligatory registration for modules and corresponding examinations is conducted via the Central Examination Office (ZPA). To registrate electronically at ZPA you need your personal login data. Commonly ZPA executes registrations also personally during the given timeframes on request.

Please note that the Research Assistants of the Research Unit are not authorized to do any registrations or de-registrations for you. In this matter please contact your responsible advisor.


Registration for Courses

Students should register for any courses by the beginning of a lecture period at the latest. Due to the variety of offered academic degree programs registration procedures may vary.

As a general rule, students register for courses independently via the CAMPUS-Office system. Master's degree programs may have several characteristics. Please note the respective characteristics of your degree program.

You can find a step-by-step direction and more information on the website of the School of Economics and Business.

In any case students should check on their own if they are orderly registrated for all relevant courses and examinations!