Written Assessments


Formal Requirements for Written Assessments

The Research Unit provides detailed information about formal requirements and guidelines for assessments in courses and for written papers and final theses. For more information please see Downloadbox.

Please also respect oral statements from your course lecturers.

Important Information About Attempted Cheating in Written Papers

Because of breaches against the duty of marking writings and thoughts of someone else's work in written papers and final theses, the Research Unit calls attention to the follwing points:


Literal or logical adopted texts (sentences, clauses, seperate words) are generally to be marked. These rules also apply for texts which are distributed over the internet. A breach against this duty is a deception.


If an examinar identifies a breach against this duty, the assessment will be evaluated with the grade 5,0. Concerning term papers and theses, repeating the examination will not be allowed.

Consequences in Case of Recurrence

Breaches will be reported to the examination board. In case of recurrences, the examination board will decide upon a possible exclusion from other examinations.

Legal Basis

Please note the relevant passages in the respective examination regulations of your degree program.