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Bachelor's Degree Program at the Research Unit for Economics and Social History and History of Technology

The Research Unit for Economics and Social History and History of Technology provides a lot of lectures and modules in different degree programs of the School of Business, the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty Humanities as well as other faculties. Academic excursions are implemented on a regular basis.

The aim of the Research Units provided courses is to locate the History of Technology in its social context and to illuminate interactions within economy, politics, science and culture. Lectures subject of discussions are specific historic periods, which will be examinated more closely and under specific chosen examples in the classes. Main topics are the History of Mobility, the History of Energy and Environment and the analysis of innovational processes of business enterprises. Our goal is to achieve a methodological and theoretical reflection about socio-economic meanings on technology and therefor an extension on the term of technology, which the students of Economic and Technologic History have learned.

Please note the general information about examination registrations and academic work. For general questions on the Research Units modules, lectures and examinations please aks Reserach Assistant Fabian Engel.

Professor Paul Thomes assigns topics for final theses on a regular basis. For more information please see

The following list gives you an overview of the provided bachelor's degree programs.


Bachelor's degree programs

Degree program Information
Applied Geography (B.Sc.)

Free Elective Module: Economics History (de)

Macroeconomics and Economics History (de)

Business Administration (B.Sc.)

Module: Corporate History (de)

Seminar: Economic Science (de)

Social Sciences (B.A.) Module: Technology and History (de)
Literary and Linguistic Studies (B.A.) Free Elective Module: Perspectives of History I+II (de)
Mathematics (B.Sc.) Module: Corporate History (de)
Technical Communication (B.Sc.) Module: History of Technology (de)
Economics (B.Sc), Vocational School Teacher Module: Economics and Social History and History of Technology (de)