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Students graduating in any degree program of RWTH Aachen's School of Business and Economics may write their final thesis (Bachelor's thesis, Master's thesis) at the Research Unit for Economics and Social History and History of Technology. We advise all interested Students to attend at least one of the Research Units provided classes in advance.

Topics can be discussed with the academic advisors and will be assigned following the students interested research field. Theses can focus on empirical or qualitative methodology and also may have an interdisciplinary focus.

Possible research fields for Theses:

  • Historical ascpects of structural changes in the Economy and Society (Industrialization, De-Industrialization in context of economic cycles and crisis)
  • Corporate History
  • Finance and Banking History
  • History of Technology and Innovation
  • Environmental and Energy History
  • History of Globalization and Internationalization
  • Mobility, Transport and Traffic History
  • History of Science (Economy and Technology)

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