Urban Development Colloquium


(Aachen) Professor Paul Thomes, together with Frauke Borgdorff, Head of the Department of Building and Construction of the City of Aachen, will moderate the panel discussion on the 3rd day of the "Urban Development Colloquium: Knowledge creates city. The University as a Motor of Urban Development". The topic of the discussion is "Knowledge-based urban development" with lectures by Eckert Kröck and Ute Schneider. The Urban Development Colloquium aims to focus on the role of the university as a motor for urban development and to pose the associated questions about the interaction between knowledge and the city: Which synergy effects between educational and research institutions can be identified? How can the increased living needs of students, researchers and teachers be spatially answered? ... The Urban Planning Colloquium will address these questions and promote strategies for new alliances between knowledge and the city.