Labour Market Regulation and its Commercial and Economic Impact - A Preindustrial Case Study


Robert Peters, Dipl.-Wirtl.,

Economic and Social History and History of Technology, School of Business and Economics | RWTH Aachen University, Kackertstraße 7, 52072 Aachen

Dezember 2017



This paper addresses urgent questions from today´s political and scientific discourse, such as whether the established economic doctrines of free trade and comparative advantages will retain their validity in the face of the current anti-globalisation movement. In doing so, the author analyses an early modern, small-scale example of globalisation-induced economic and societal transformation. To make the impact of job relocation on various stakeholders describable in a holistic manner, the author introduces a multi-criteria impact analysis (MCIA). The outcome of the study reveals the way in which relocation-induced effects can stabilise or destabilise cross-border production networks.